1John 3:1-3

See what kind of love the Father has given to us, that we should be called children of God; and so we are. The reason why the world does not know us is that it did not know him. 2 Beloved, we are God’s children now, and what we will be has not yet appeared; but we know that when he appears[a] we shall be like him, because we shall see him as he is. 3 And everyone who thus hopes in him purifies himself as he is pure.

11 comments on “1John 3:1-3

  1. Whenever the Bible talks about us being God’s children I am blown away. We hear stories or know those who have been adopted out of terrible situations and given a loving home.

    Verse 1, “See what kind of love the Father has given to us, that we should be called children of God; and so we are. ”

    Just think what that means… Remember God is LORD, He has a kingdom, our God Reigns, He made the universe, time, and everything in it. God is King of the universe.

    2 Cor 6:18 “and I will be a father to you, and you shall be sons and daughters to me,
    says the Lord Almighty.”

    If someone is a son or daughter of a king what does that make them? Yes, we are all princes and princesses! Heirs of the kingdom of God.

    Romans 8:16-17 “16 The Spirit himself bears witness with our spirit that we are children of God, 17 and if children, then heirs—heirs of God and fellow heirs with Christ, provided we suffer with him in order that we may also be glorified with him.”

    Praise God- there is nothing we do to deserve that kind of love. We are sinful, dirty, unworthy people who are blessed to be adopted by the ruler of the universe!

  2. And everyone who thus hopes in him purifies himself as he is pure.

    Association is key. Just as “bad company corrupts good character”, “excellence starts with people with good and strong character traits. Your character is the sum of all the qualities that make you who you are. It’s your values, your thoughts, your words, and your actions”.

    There is no better character to be associated with, and thereby to have his qualities rub off on me, than my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

    Amen, let it be so.

  3. Verse
    Behold what manner of love
    The Father has given unto us (clap clap)
    Behold what manner of love
    The Father has given unto us (clap clap)

    That we should be called
    The sons of God (clap clap)
    That we should be called
    The sons of God (clap clap)

    As I reflected on the text this morning, I was reminded of a song from my youth that is often sung as a round. This beautiful song will be ringing my ears all the day long, reminding me whose I am, and whom I represent!

  4. I love how the Bible uses the word hope. It is so much more than just a dream or something that we strongly desire or wish for. It is so much more powerful. It’s having full assurance of something and receiving strength and life from God because of our hope.

    I think we underestimate the power of hope and even discount it because in America we don’t understand what it means to genuinely hope for something greater than what we already have. What we have is so great at times it’s hard to imagine something better – or for that matter something so much greater that it is wholly different.

    • Our hope in Jesus is that we are no longer slaves to sin. Born of God, through the waters of baptism, we are now free to serve our Savior. The concept of being free to serve might seem like an oxymoron to those that do not know Him. For those that do know Him and have the assurance of eternal life, free to serve is deliverance from the guilt and the power of sin. Serving our Savior means seeking that which is holy and righteous in His sight.

    • I think part of the reason that we do not understand hope is because we have a false view of ourselves. We are like the rich young man that asked Jesus what he needed to do to inherit the Kingdom. From Matthew:

      16And someone came to Him and said, “Teacher, what good thing shall I do that I may obtain eternal life?” 17And He said to him, “Why are you asking Me about what is good? There is only One who is good; but if you wish to enter into life, keep the commandments.” 18Then he said to Him, “Which ones?” And Jesus said, “YOU SHALL NOT COMMIT MURDER; YOU SHALL NOT COMMIT ADULTERY; YOU SHALL NOT STEAL; YOU SHALL NOT BEAR FALSE WITNESS; 19HONOR YOUR FATHER AND MOTHER; and YOU SHALL LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOR AS YOURSELF.” 20The young man said to Him, “All these things I have kept; what am I still lacking?” 21Jesus said to him, “If you wish to be complete, go and sell your possessions and give to the poor, and you will have treasure in heaven; and come, follow Me.” 22But when the young man heard this statement, he went away grieving; for he was one who owned much property.

      The bottom line is that we are not good. There is only One who is good, and our hope is that his goodness will be manifested in us and we will become like him when he returns.

      Thank God for hope!

  5. Question for Pastor John: When I open the pastor’s blog, and then hover my mouse on the tab at the top, I see the following:

    meditations and musings l level- LISTEN – laud – learn – live

    what is the significance of “level- LISTEN – laud – learn – live”?

  6. but we know that when he appears we shall be like him…

    Luther said: “God is infinite, but we are finite creatures. Moreover, the creature will never be the Creator. Yet we will be like Him. God is life. Therefore we too shall live.”

    As I reflect on this life on Earth, which I tend to take for granted, I pray for peace and hope for brothers and sisters that are now dealing with life issues: Jake Hickford family; Kurt Otte-mother; Jeanette Singer-stepfather; Wanda Zoeller-father.

  7. I saw a sign outside of a church yesterday with the question, “What on Earth am I here for?”

    As a child of God, I am called to glorify Him as a disciple and a witness.

    As a husband: “If you really want to know about a man and what kind of character he has, you need only look at the countenance of his wife. Everything he has invested, or withheld, will be there.”
    That was the message Bill McCartney, then head coach of the University of Colorado football team, heard in a 1994 sermon. The words cut straight to his heart. McCartney had built the Colorado football program into a powerhouse that won a national championship in 1990. He had also cofounded a national men’s movement, Promise Keepers. But those achievements came at a price. For years McCartney had with‐held his time and energy from his wife, Lyndi, and their four children. In 1994 Bill McCartney didn’t like what he saw in Lyndi’s countenance— so he resigned his position at Colorado to devote more time to his wife and family.
    As a husband, you bear the primary responsibility for your wife’s welfare and emotional well‐being. What do you see in her face tonight?

    As a father: Author Derek Prince has described the “renegade male” as one of society’s biggest problems. The word renegade actually means “one who has shirked his primary responsibilities.” It is an accurate description of those husbands and fathers who pour every resource into work or pleasure, leaving the child‐rearing task entirely to their wives. Both boys and girls desperately need their fathers, who have a specific role to play in their lives.
    These words were on my heart Thursday as I carved pumpkins with Emily, a family tradition when the children were little, but something I lost sight of as they grew older. I look forward to carving pumpkins one more time next year before she flies the coup.

    So what on Earth am I here for? To exhibit hope in the assurance of the Kingdom, with my family, the church and the community.

  8. I had the opportunity to join several members of Trinity’s Church Plant Committee in worship at ACTS Lakeway Church near Austin yesterday. Pastor Pete Mueller describes himself as a Missionary Church Planter that is addicted to Adventure. His testimony goes like this:

    “Hi, my name is Pete. And I am addicted to Adventure.

    It’s true that I get an adrenaline rush when I strap on skis and navigate the trees and moguls on the back side of Mary Jane in Winter Park, Colorado. I admit that I get a thrill from regularly backpacking and cliff jumping with friends in the Grand Canyon. It can be easily verified that I go out walking or mountain biking in the hills west of Austin, just about every day of the week.

    But no matter how much those activities excite me, they don’t seem to match the feeling I get when I see someone step into an Adventure of knowing and following God. I get a thrill from serving as a guide in the spiritual journey of others. I get a fix when I watch a person undergoing Transformation that begins when they put their trust in Jesus. This is the ultimate Adventure, and I believe it is the only way to true Life.”

    During a sermon about resolving conflict, Pete made the point that “the Spirit of God must be trusted and allowed to produce fruit.” God took His son from this Earth for a time, but gave us the Spirit to be our Comforter (Counselor, Helper, Intercessor, Advocate, Strengthener, Standby) and guide us through the Transformation process until Christ returns.

  9. The reason why the world does not know us is that it did not know him. v1

    A couple of songs helped me put this in perspective.

    God is love. If I live love as I ought, then they (the world) will know I am Christian. They will know we are Christians by our love.

    Jesus is the light of the world. The Newsboys song “Shine” asks the question “what’s my motivation?” If Christ lives in me, then I will shine before all men. They will see good works, and then, they will glorify the Lord. So what’s my motivation? To shine so that they (the world) will glorify the Lord.

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